Electric Bike Control App with Integrations [greenfield]

We worked with an industry-leading Asian company that had a rough idea of what they wanted their motorbike control app to be and even the tech stack they wanted to use. We tailored the stack according to their needs and created a solution that met and exceeded their expectations.

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To build a cross-platform (iOS, Android) prototype app that supported the client’s electric motorcycle in terms of functionalities. Such features should include, but were not limited to, toggling lights, managing the lock system, allowing room for several users and key sharing, and showing the bike’s real-time location on a custom native map.

A 3D model of the specific individual (user’s) bike was to be rendered inside the application that reacts to all updates with corresponding animations. The app must use smooth animations and still achieve a performance of about 60FPS. What’s more, we were tasked with delivering a maintainable and extensible codebase should the company want to add more features to their future bikes or upgrade and change their tech in any way.


1,The client planned the application from a business perspective.

2,The client’s designers designed the application in terms of look and functionality.

3,The Scriptide team worked with the client’s team to plan everything from a technical perspective.

4,Our team developed several prototypes and iterated through designs and technologies until we got a solution that was agreed upon by everyone.

5,We now provide ongoing support for new features, fixes, and updates.


Mobile App Development

Tech stack


React Native




AWS AppSync

Technical challenges

To support GraphQL query, mutation, and subscription (WebSocket) operations of AWS Appsync with Apollo

To achieve a rendering performance of about 60FPS

To integrate with custom native modules that handle motorcycle operations like locking/unlocking

To integrate with custom native UI components, like a custom ma and forward events between the Native and JS

To provide multi-environment support on both platforms, including the ability to deploy dev, staging, and production apps alongside each other

To write custom UI components that scale with the app effortlessly


The Scriptide team exceeded expectations, being able to deliver on time while fulfilling all expectations of the client. The client has been handed a cutting-edge, performant React Native app that users love.

As we've developed a cross-platform app, we could really quickly iterate over new designs, features, change requests, and so on, saving both money and time for the client and getting the project completed far quicker than traditional development methods.

Usually chartering to undocumented territories, we've solved many technical challenges along the way. We've even contributed to React Native's documentation on rendering native UI elements to standalone Android Fragments to help developers in the future.

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