A New AI Feature Is Set To Revolutionize YouTube. Have You Heard About It?

A New AI Feature Is Set To Revolutionize YouTube. Have You Heard About It?

YouTube is introducing not one, but actually two new AI features. The first is a conversational AI tool, and the second is an AI-powered comment categorization feature, which aims to make navigating through video comments more structured and meaningful.

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Ariadne Mavrogenis


NOV 07, 2023




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The world of technology is in the midst of an AI revolution, with the potential to transform the way we interact with digital platforms. The biggest companies are continually rolling out new AI-powered features. The latest news is that YouTube, the leading platform for video content, is introducing two new AI features that are already in the testing phase, according to TheVerge. The first is a conversational AI tool, designed to provide viewers with additional information about the videos they are watching. The second is an AI-powered comment categorization feature, which aims to make navigating through video comments more structured and meaningful.

#1 Conversational AI Tool: Your Video Companion

Imagine watching a video and having a knowledgeable companion at your disposal to answer questions, recommend related content, or even quiz you on the video's topic. That's precisely what YouTube's conversational AI tool aims to achieve. These new features are going to provide an interactive and informative experience for users.

  • Recommendations and Answers: The AI chatbot can recommend related videos and offer answers to your queries about the content you're currently watching. Whether you're looking for more information about a topic or seeking further guidance.
  • Educational Interactivity: For those indulging in educational videos, the chatbot can become a valuable study partner by quizzing you on the video's subject matter. It's like having a tutor at your fingertips.

#2 Comment Categorization: Structured Conversations

YouTube's comment section is a bustling hub of conversations, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to navigate through the sheer volume of comments. The AI-powered comment categorization feature is YouTube's solution to this issue, organizing comments into specific topics.

  • Structured Topics: Comments are categorized into topics, making it easier for viewers to find discussions that interest them, whether it's specific aspects of the video or general opinions. This feature streamlines the comment section.
  • Benefits for Creators: Video creators can use these comment summaries to engage more effectively with their audiences and draw inspiration for new content based on what viewers are discussing. This feature enhances the depth of interaction between creators and their community.

While these are exciting developments, it's essential to remember that they are still in their infancy and undergoing refinement. That is why the conversational AI tool is currently not available everywhere. According to its support page, the conversational AI tool is only available in English, on select videos, on Android devices, and to Premium subscribers in the US over the age of 18. Where available, it’s accessible by clicking on a button labeled “Ask” beneath the video.

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