Tamás Fazekas

Tamás Fazekas

COO & Software Developer

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Hi! I’m Tamás. My journey in Computer Science began at ELTE, during my studies my strong desire to bring my ideas to life led me to seek employment with various companies, providing me with invaluable hands-on experience in project development from scratch. After investing two and a half years in this practical learning, I made the decision to completely devote myself to project development, aiming to refine my skills and deepen my practical knowledge in the field.

My passion lies in designing systems that offer extensive customization, allowing them to evolve in tandem with the product's development. I identify as someone who thrives on diligent effort, consistently striving to maximize available resources. Presently, my focus revolves around supervising development teams and assisting them in key areas of concentration. I am responsible for managing the practical aspects of Scriptide's day-to-day operations.

Our Internal Culture

We believe that a company is just like a family. It functions best if the members respect each other, value each other, and are honest with one another.

To be true to our words, our internal culture is an open book. A professional family. And we’re getting better at this each and every day.

For example, our project budgets and salaries are fully transparent within our teams. Every colleague is treated as a partner rather than an employee and is compensated proportionally for their contributions to the team's success.

Coworkers influence the big decisions, and the best ideas tend to win. All members are encouraged to continuously work on themselves from a work and personal perspective.

We are value investors: we invest in people for the long term. The only way we can grow is together.

If you feel you're a good fit for our team and your values align with ours, don’t hesitate to reach out and join us.

Our External Culture & Impact

We are professionals who constantly strive to uphold the highest standards for our clients by continuously updating our knowledge.

Our software is designed to be maintainable, extensible, scalable, secure, and high-performing. When combined with one of our foremost priorities—ensuring seamless communication between our clients and teams—you receive a comprehensive development service that yields tangible results.

All our coworkers are proficient in English and share our values of recognizing the significance of effective communication. Furthermore, we shoulder complete responsibility for our work and adhere to deadlines.

We never relent and consistently see through what we initiate. Our team embodies high effectiveness, self-motivation, and self-management. We comprehend that meticulous planning is as pivotal to our success as precise execution.

Above all, we stand prepared to collaborate with you. Reach out to us to initiate a conversation about your project.

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