Gergely Hanák

Gergely Hanák

Software Developer

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Hi! I’m Gergő. Programming is both my hobby and my profession. I started programming during high school, and then continued my studies at Óbuda University, at the Neumann János Faculty of Informatics, to deepen my knowledge in this field. My goal is to learn something new every day to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and continuously improve my work. I find great fulfillment in honing my coding skills and finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Technical interests / focus:

My goal is to become a better developer and acquire deeper knowledge. I aim to learn as many new techniques and technologies as possible. Throughout my studies and work, I have used the following programming languages: Javascript, C#, C++, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Python, and React Native. I am particularly interested in mobile development and backend development, but I am also open to working on web frontend projects.

Hobbies / free time activities:

In my free time, I love engaging in sports. I start my days with morning workouts, and on weekends, I enjoy going hiking and cycling. To feed my creative side, I often indulge in DIY projects. Exploring new places and traveling are some of my passions, where I get to meet new people and experience different cultures. I'm always eager to try out new things and hobbies. The internet is a great resource for discovering new hobbies and expanding my horizons.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

I love the atmosphere of the office, where I am surrounded by wonderful people who are incredibly helpful and from whom I can learn a lot. Since I started working here, I have become a much better programmer, and I owe this improvement to the team.

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