Gáspár Balázsi

Gáspár Balázsi

Senior Software Developer

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Hi! I'm Gáspár. It was around the 11th grade that I really became interested in computer programming. I’d always been interested in building things and originally wanted to become an engineer, but as soon as I started coding and building digital frameworks, I couldn’t stop thinking about becoming a software developer, so that’s what I did. I attended the Budapest University of Technology And Economics for my Computer Engineering Major, which was a fantastic time. However, as I approached the end of my university term, I started an internship as a Java developer. I started part-time and later became one of the full-time staff as a .NET developer. I have worked in different jobs since then, working for a sizable Hungarian bank, developing their web applications using ASP.NET combined with MSSQL, and moving to a new company that worked in the beauty industry, managing an e-commerce platform that covered 30 countries. Along the way, I’ve gained so much experience in terms of the development world and ways of working, with experience in Scrum, production deployment, and critical issue handling. Moving to Scriptide was an obvious choice due to the nature of their work and the values they hold as a company.

Technical interests / focus:

I’ve never wanted to restrict my focus to a specific technology or programming language because I love to extend my knowledge. New, cutting-edge technology always comes out, so I am open to learning it and being adaptable. The industry changes so fast in terms of tech and demand, so I believe developers have to as well!

Hobbies / free time activities:

I simply love spending time doing the things I love, whatever those things are at the time. I enjoy all the usual activities, like sports, lifting weights, and reading books. But, I do love going to dance festivals and concerts or just driving somewhere randomly and seeing where the road takes me.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

Easy. Working with people who are called friends instead of colleagues. This is my kind of workplace. We help, inspire each other, have a lot of fun while taking our job seriously, and, last but not least, they let me win in darts. Being able to work from home and remote work is also a massive plus, but I like being in the office because I don’t want to miss a joke.

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