Ariadne Mavrogenis

Ariadne Mavrogenis

Chief Marketing Officer

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Hi! I’m Ariadne. I began my university studies in the field of Business Communication, and I obtained my Master's degree in Economic Marketing. Simultaneously with starting my Master's program, I began working full-time as a marketer. Since then, I have gained over 5 years of professional experience in service marketing. In my work, I always strive to think in terms of strategy rather than tasks.

Technical interests / focus:

Discovering new things, the latest technologies, and the opportunity for continuous growth constantly drive my professional development and daily life. I enjoy 'creating,' especially when there is a tangible result of my work, as it makes me truly feel like a valuable member of the team. Thanks to my open personality, I love getting to know new people and forming new connections.

Hobbies / free time activities:

Since I was a child, I've loved drawing and painting, so this hobby has stayed with me ever since. The only difference is that lately, I prefer creating digital drawings instead of traditional ones. I adore the hustle and bustle, and I always enjoy it when something is happening. That's why whenever I can, I spend my time with my friends and loved ones. We often go on hikes, program together, or host game nights for each other. However, sometimes I crave quiet time, and there's no better way to spend it than reading a good book.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

I feel most comfortable in an environment where colleagues are welcoming and open, the atmosphere is supportive and lively, there's room for continuous growth, and the work is appreciated. It's a great feeling to work in a place where all of these are present, and in addition, I get to promote a service I genuinely believe in and can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone.

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