Alex Szokos

Alex Szokos

Software Developer

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Hi! I’m Alex. I always wondered what really happens when I click a button on a website and what’s going on in the background. How do we see these texts, pictures and all these different forms, shapes and fancy animations? Where are they coming from? How are they made? So I decided to find out by becoming a Web Developer. I discovered a world I quickly fell in love with, and I’ve been working as a Software Developer ever since.

Technical interests / focus:

My main focus is the front-end side of web development. I like how it constantly keeps evolving. New technologies, ideas, solutions, frameworks and libraries are coming out every day, and there’s always something new to learn and get familiar with.

Hobbies / free time activities:

I like music, both listening and playing. Nowadays, in my free time, I usually play the piano, but in the past, I played the guitar for many years.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

I joined Scriptide years after its foundation, but the team was very welcoming and everyone immediately started treating me like I was already working here for years. I've learned a lot from the team, and I like that there is always a new challenge to overcome.

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