Dénes Gutai

Dénes Gutai

Co-Founder & Senior Software Developer

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Heeey! I’m Dénes, a free-minded millennial living in the heart of Hungary, Budapest. I studied at ELTE in a Software Engineering program coupled with some spicy pedagogy studies, graduating with my degree in 2021. I worked with several small software development companies and gathered a lot of knowledge from more experienced people in the field before finding my home at Scriptide. I love the development process; for me, it’s really just about the adventure of exploring the capabilities of the technologies we use every single day.

Technical interests / focus:

I’m more of a front-end / visual-oriented guy. I like building design systems from the ground up and implementing aesthetic user interfaces which serve the best UX experiences for its users. That’s really where I get my kicks. React and React Native are my best partners in crime, and I pretty much like to carry them to all the projects I board. That being said, I’m also familiar with Vue. I also have years of experience using backend technologies like Nest and have been known to dabble in designing databases.

Hobbies / free time activities:

What I most love to do is hang around with people I love. Grabbing a beer and talking about Star Wars (or nerding out about whatever’s on topic for the day) while the sun shines. It’s a perfect afternoon if some new wave Hungarian alternative music is playing in the background. My dream is to one day get a Mazda MX-5 and road trip that beauty across Europe.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

I love the atmosphere at Scriptide. The team dynamics are fantastic, and there are no projects we cannot complete together! It’s a real team effort, whatever we’re doing, and I really feel content being a part of something bigger.

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