Barna Komáromy

Barna Komáromy

Co-Founder & Senior Software Developer

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Hi! I'm Barna. I started programming in high school and utterly fell in love with it. It was so much fun to turn the ideas in my head into something out of nothing, and I quickly became more interested in pursuing a career in it. I attended Eotvos Lorand University and graduated in 2017 with a Computer Science and Mathematics degree. Since then, I have worked as a software engineer, continuously developing my skills, knowledge, and experience. I now have experience developing AI solutions, fintech, and Medtech software.

Technical interests / focus:

My main focus is to get better at everything related to machine learning. After all, it’s the future of app development and technology in general. You’ll mostly find me working on the backend side of things as this is what I’m most comfortable in since I'm interested in the logic and algorithms behind the apps, but in the last two years, I find myself stepping up to tackle frontend tasks since it can be a lot of fun overcoming the challenges.

Hobbies / free time activities:

I adore cycling, especially if it’s around the beautiful city of Budapest, while listening to my favorite playlists. I’m a big fan of curating my own playlists, as the whole experience just helps me to relax. I also love hanging around with friends, hiking, or having a picnic. Extreme sports were always close to my heart, and I still enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding, when I can find the time.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

We are not just colleagues; we’re also friends. The atmosphere in the office is always amazing, and I’ve never worked in a company like this!

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