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A 3D laptop with an application shown that resembles web development.

Web Development

Our team develops top-notch web apps, websites, and cross-platform desktop apps that pride themselves on being maintainable, scalable, secure, and performance ready. We also have expertise in providing comprehensive UX and UI that are compelling and aesthetically bliss. We deliver to the web, and to desktop platforms (MacOS, Windows, and Linux) with Electron.

Three 3D mobile phones with an application shown that resembles mobile development.

Mobile App Development

Our expertise focuses on cross-platform (iOS + Android) apps built with React Native. Any native capability can be achieved using native extensions to this framework in a streamlined and optimized way. This means we can create a single codebase product that dramatically reduces cost and increases maintainability.

A 3D server shown with geometrical shapes that resembles backend development.

Backend Development

Be it a conservative REST API or a GraphQL backend; our code is optimized from the backend and as tight as possible. Whatever the project requirements, we understand and know how to make the most of the best tools for the job. Everything is customized to fit your needs.

A 3D laptop with a design app and a hole in the screen is shown that resembles design.


Our apps look and feel amazing. Our projects resemble state-of-art design elements and a well-planned user experience. Even during the design phase, our prototypes that give you a clear idea of the concept and the app’s direction are produced to the highest quality and will impress any investors or shareholders you need to connect with.

A strange 3D matter is shown on a hexagon that resembles data science.

Data Science

AI and machine learning are the frontiers of modern technology, and we know how to use them to deliver the best results. Whether you need predictions, image recognition, or want to reveal hidden correlations between data points, feel free to contact us. These groundbreaking tools can be especially useful if you want to automate your business workflows.

Some of our previous projects

Electric Bike App

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Electric Bike App

A cross-platform mobile app that can control motorcycle features and displays a realtime 3d model of the vehicle.


React Native




AWS AppSync

Email Management System

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Email Management System

The software was capable of managing the high output and was used daily, but the system was getting harder and harder to maintain. Scaling further was incredibly challenging. It had reached a point where it was more expensive and complex to add more stable code to the existing codebase than it was to rewrite the app entirely.









AI Translator App

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AI Translator App

A cross-platform (MacOS, Windows) desktop app for onscreen translation. The goal is to keep all context of the original text as accurate as possible, which is achieved by drawing back all text to its original place on the screen, just in the user’s preferred language.











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