Máté Mihály

Máté Mihály

Software Developer

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I finished my bachelor's degree at ELTE in Hungarian and Norwegian Literature and Language and my Master's degree at MOME in Design Theory. Sure, these two degrees don’t seem to have anything in common with programming and computer science, but I’ve always had a love for language. After learning about coding and how digital language works, I felt as though I’ve found my path. I entered the IT industry as an autodidact but was lucky enough to join Scriptide in its early stage and learn all I needed to thrive in development from the experienced team.

Technical interests / focus:

I mostly use Javascript in my daily work and have found myself absolutely fascinated by fast-growing programming languages. I continue to build my skills literally every day; it’s such a cool experience to be able to create apps that people actually use on a day-to-day basis. As my capabilities get better, I’m also starting to explore other development languages, including C# (Game Development), Swift, and Clojure (Generative Art).

Hobbies / free time activities:

Outside the office, I do quite a lot. I’m especially interested in pottery, mixed-media arts, and contemporary art. I love spending time finding and listening to new music, creating my favorite playlists, and reading about philosophy. I also try to experience different sports when I can, with my personal favorites being climbing, surfing, and snowboarding.

Why do you like working at Scriptide:

It's an exceptionally special and family-like workspace where people can rely on each other. I’ve never seen anywhere like it, and I’m so happy I was able to join the team so early on. Every person has unique abilities and knowledge that can be handy on an upcoming project. There’s no one person more individually important than another. We all need each other and fit together so smoothly. I also love the fact that there are no wrong or stupid questions. Okay, there are definitely stupid questions, but I’m never made to feel bad about asking them. It’s all about learning and getting better, and the company has never not been like that!

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